Fostering: The heart of rescue

People ask us all the time, "How can you foster a dog and then let it go?"

Well, the answer is easy! Our dogs are only placed in forever homes that are equal or better than what the foster can provide. Also, there are an endless number of dogs that need our assistance! At RMG, our fosters truly make the miracles happen! With love and patience, and by opening their hearts and their homes, fosters prepare rescue dogs for their forever homes. It’s truly a selfless act of love, a wonderful way for families to teach their children about compassion and kindness, and an opportunity to learn more about one’s self as they support their foster dog’s journey and prepare it for its forever home.

Without fosters - WE CAN’T RESCUE!


Fostering is the LIFELINE of our organization! Every dog that goes into a foster home frees up space at animal control to save another dog in need. Additionally, it helps to teach the foster dog how to live with a family and helps the foster family learn more about what would be an ideal placement for that dog’s forever home.

If you would like to foster, please click on the "Available Dogs" tab. Any dog in need of a foster home will have a link to their foster application within their bio.

Questions? Please email 

all you need to know about being an rmg foster

Who can foster?

  • We carefully screen applicants who want to foster dogs.

  • Fosters must be over 21 years old.

  • Fosters must own a home or have permission from your landlord to have a pet.

  • The dog must live indoors with the family.

What pet care is required of a foster?

Preparing a rescue dog to become a balanced family pet requires:

  • Daily grooming and care.

  • House-training, if necessary; crate training is encouraged.

  • Socialization with other animals, people of various ages, and car rides or other daily activities.

  • Training basic commands, such as sit, down, walking on a leash, stay and come, as well as teaching alternatives to destructive behaviors such as chewing, jumping, etc.

  • Getting them used to being handled while respecting their body language and cues. Gently hold their paws, rub their ears, check their teeth, and massage their entire bodies. Apart from teaching them that being touched is pleasurable, it prepares them to be better vet patients.

What else do you expect from fosters?

As a foster, you agree to keep the pet healthy and safe while a forever home is found. A good pet home includes:

  • A safe place for the pet to sleep and rest.

  • Proper food and exercise to maintain a healthy weight, including regular walks (even with a fence).

  • Access to clean water at all times.

  • Animals are matched to the foster home by disposition and activity level (of both people and animals!)

What happens when I am approved and get a foster dog?

  • This is when the fun truly starts! The dog will be delivered to your home, or a drop off will be arranged. You will receive a crate, if necessary, as well as heart worm preventative. Our dogs are micro-chipped and vetted, so you will receive a packet of information to keep with them. If the dog has not yet been spayed or neutered, you will be expected to keep them away from other dogs until the procedure can be done.

  • We suggest keeping foster pets separated from your personal pets for approximately seven days if your foster comes straight from a shelter. This provides your foster dog with time to adjust to the new surroundings, as well as show any symptoms of illness (if applicable) without exposing your personal pets to that potential illness. Even though all RMG dogs are fully vetted prior to being placed in foster homes, some conditions such a kennel cough may not present for up to a week after that animal is pulled from the shelter.

  • Once your new foster pet is introduced to your family, your pets, and new surroundings, we encourage you to take it slowly. Please treat your foster as if was your own pet, understanding that fosters will take time to acclimate to new settings. Walking, snuggling, playing, napping and learning how to live nicely with humans are just a few activities we suggest you embrace with your foster dog.

What are my responsibilities to RMG and my foster dog?

  • RMG will arrange for spaying/neutering of all rescues and will notify you of the appointment date and time. If you cannot transport the dog, please make arrangements to have the dog picked up and dropped off for the appointment. This is one of the most important functions of RMG. It keeps the population of homeless animals down and keeps foster families from having to deal with litters of unexpected puppies!

  • RMG will arrange for heart worm medication and vetting for your foster for the length of your time fostering. If you need help transporting your foster pet to the vet for annual appointments, please make transport arrangements with RMG.

  • Adoption events are fun and a great way to help socialize the animals. This is the best way to find their forever homes! If you cannot attend, please arrange transport with RMG.

  • Send us photos and short videos of your foster dog that we can post on social media. The more the dog is seen, the greater his/her chance of adoption!

  • Please keep your foster dog healthy! Grooming, feeding, a clean bed and exercise are basic needs.

  • Always keep your dog safe! Tags should be attached to collars; always walk fosters on a leash. Fosters should be kept away from dogs they do not know, both because of potential aggression and because of disease. Fosters should NEVER tie or tether their dogs – it makes them vulnerable to other animals that could harm them as well as increases the probability of them getting tangled and choked. Fosters should NEVER leave dogs unattended in the car at any time. Dogs should always be crated or otherwise secured in any vehicle and should always be supervised.

  • Please “Like” us on Facebook, join our RMG Fosters page, and post photos and videos of your foster. If you can, send us photos and stories to put on our website and help market your animal. The more information we have about the animal, the faster they can find their forever home! Information can be sent to:

Fosters are not responsible for the cost of vetting/neutering / spaying or monthly medications; however, many of our fosters choose to pay for their foster dogs’ medical bills as a way to further their contribution to the rescue work. This is greatly appreciated! If RMG is paying for the dog’s vetting, fosters will be sent to one of our partner vet clinics and the bill will be forwarded directly to us.
Someone is interested in adopting my foster dog. What now?

  • We carefully screen potential adopters as well! We ask that fosters please spend some time watching your dog interact with the person and his/her current pets (if applicable). As a foster, your opinion means a lot since you have lots of first-hand knowledge about your pet! If it seems like a viable adoption, please ask the potential adopter to go online and fill out an adoption form at

  • Our Fosters are our partners in the adoption process! Fosters may choose to interview the potential adopters, as well as observe them with the dog. The opinion of the foster in regards to the permanent placement of the dog is the most valuable part of the approval process. Should fosters choose not to participate in this part of the process, we understand and support your decision.

Once the adoption is approved:

  • Please collect all of the dog’s belongings, paperwork, and medications. Write out any special directions or advice for the new owner to help them get off to a successful start@

  • Arrangements will be made, with your help, to transport your foster dog to its new home.

  • Take a well- deserved break, or jump right back in and foster another RMG dog!

What are RMG’s responsibilities to my foster dog?

  • We will try to match a dog to your home atmosphere, taking size, energy level, and known characteristics into consideration. An introduction to your family pets may be necessary to make sure they are compatible. The move to a home from animal control is invaluable as we try to learn more about that particular dog and our goal to find it a perfect forever home.

  • We will check in with you to make sure you and your dog are compatible and forming a healthy bond.

  • We cover the cost of all routine vaccinations and monthly medicines as well as spaying/neutering through our veterinarian partners.

  • We supply crates, blankets (thanks, Laura!), collars, tags and microchipping for all our animals, whenever necessary.

  • We will work with you if you need help transporting your Foster to vet appointments.

  • We will include you in the adoption process and the arrangements for Fur-ever families.

  • We will do everything we can to find a suitable home for your Foster dog; one that is worthy of all the love and care you provided to help that foster become a pet for a fortunate family!

We love our fosters and are grateful for the time they spend with us volunteering to help change lives. THANK YOU for caring! You truly make a difference!!