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WOW do we have some pretty amazing news to share .... RMG started in 2011 when two people crossed paths and decided to focus hard on saving the forgotten dogs of Jasper County, Ga ...
Since that time we have saved thousands there and many in other areas as well, but Jasper is still our main focus. Over the years the amazing fosters and adopters that have come together to do so much good is HUGE and as a result we crossed paths with an awesome woman in Atlanta who was born in South Korea, grew up in New Zealand and calls Atlanta her home. Over the past two years, Esther has made it her mission to facilitate saving dogs from the meat markets and puppy mills in that country. She connected with about several rescues there and helps get the dogs here and into amazing homes. Esther is beyond amazing, and we are so happy to welcome her into our rescue and support all she has done.

The dogs arrive fully vetted with health travel documents and fly into Atlanta. The adoption fee covers travel and their costs and goes right back to help them open up spots to save more. Can you even fathom going to meat markets and seeing every breed crammed on trucks - pups - tiny purebreds ( those used as broth) and larger gorgeous Huskies and Goldens being beaten to death ( yes you read right - the longer they are beaten, they think the more tender the meat will be.... ) Summer time is the time of year most are eaten, and sadly those rescuers see things worse than the awful stuff we witness.

So we are going to start posting pics on our facebook page - you fall in love, we will get the ball rolling to get these dogs here - Most are very young and we heard it’s uncommon for dogs to make it to 6 years old there. We are reaching out to help lessen their numbers, but the dogs only come with escorts - people flying back to Atlanta from South Korea.

Helping these dogs won’t change our commitment to Jasper County dogs, but we can help dogs on the other side of the world who need forever homes too!