About RMG

Rescue Me Georgia (RMG) was created by two women who came together in November of 2012 with the same wish; to help the forgotten dogs in Jasper County who, up to that point, had no voice. Shelia and Marybeth joined forces and decided to concentrate their efforts on a small, rural animal control in Jasper County (specifically located in Monticello, Georgia). Jasper County is about 90 miles southeast of Atlanta, and although most of our foster homes are in the Atlanta area, we go back and forth frequently, a task that often consumes our volunteers all day, every day of the week.

In the past five years, RMG has grown and saved the lives of more than 5,000 animals. We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER 501c(3) nonprofit rescue group licensed in the state of Georgia.

RMG depends solely on voluntary donations and adoption fees to cover our vetting expenses. Donations and NEW FOSTER HOMES enable us to do what we do - and every dog we adopt OUT - allows us to save another. Over the years, we have collaborated with various rescues in the Northeast and we continue, on a case-by-case basis, to adopt some dogs North and in other areas of the United States. Every decision we make is centered around what is in the best interest of that dog, as our ultimate goal is to help all of our rescues live happy, healthy and vibrant lives.

We are grateful that you have found us and appreciate you spreading the word about what we do. Many employers do match donations made to non profits like ours. Please keep us in mind during any time of the year that you might be able to donate towards our mission. 

Thank you!


Co-founder Marybeth

Marybeth moved to Georgia 22 years ago when her husband took a job in Atlanta. She worked as a radio broadcaster for many years before becoming a full-time mom. Marybeth has a recent college graduate and one child who is about to go off to college. Both of her children have grown up in the world of rescue. She also has a very patient husband who is her number one fan!

RMG is family affair, and all of her family members are truly invested. Marybeth works on intake, behavior assessment, compatibility, fostering, rehabilitating, coordinating vetting with Alpharetta Animal Hospital, and supporting other volunteers’ efforts. Marybeth is famously quoted as coining the phrase, "We'll figure it out;" if anyone can "figure it out," it’s Marybeth. She is tireless and so passionate about serving RMG!  

Co-Founder Shelia

Shelia is a Jasper County resident who has spent more than three decades working to help animals in her area. Shelia, now retired, has a huge heart for the animals in her hometown. It’s not unusual for her to pick up a dog in need any any hour of the day. She's the first person in Monticello who people call when there is an animal-related emergency. 

Shelia is married and is the proud mom of a grown daughter. Shelia's husband, Larry, is always on standby to help, typically assisting with transportation of our dogs. Because of her experience in animal rescue, Sheila has facilitated several collaborative relationships with other organizations in an effort to best serve dogs in need. Shelia serves as a liaison for JCAC officials, coordinates vetting with Southside Animal Hospital, fosters, writes grants, manages the database, and manages record keeping in accordance with the Department of Agriculture. Her wisdom and experience benefit RMG greatly as we continue to grow and evolve.