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RESCUE ME GEORGIA is a 501c3 non profit rescue group dedicated to saving dogs from a small rural shelter and county outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Since our start November of 2011, we have saved more than 3500 animals in need and have been able to be a part of so many lives changed!

RMG is so lucky, with so many amazing volunteers who help us make happily ever afters happen. One of the greatest parts in rescue is the new friends you meet ALL because of JUST ONE DOG   These dogs truly touch so many lives along the way and it all starts with our incredible foster team who welcome them into their homes.

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We are ALL VOLUNTEERS and our rescues are in foster homes throughout Atlanta. We depend solely on donations to make these miracles happen. If you might want to foster or be involved - please contact via this site. We are dedicated to the forgotten dogs of Jasper County, Georgia

Saving these Jasper County Georgia dogs takes a team of committed volunteers who selflessly share of their time and hearts. It makes us who we are and once a dog comes into our rescue we will make sure everything is done for them to have the most wonderful lives imagined!  

CLICK on our events above to get more info about our holiday photo shoot fundraiser 12/3  at TOP DOGS in Roswell GA

RMG depends on donations from you to save these animals. We are so grateful for donations large or small! Please click the link to help!    

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