RMG is dedicated to saving the forgotten dogs of
Jasper County GA, and changing lives one dog at a time

Rescue Me Georgia

Saving the forgotten dogs of Jasper County, Georgia

Rescue Yourself AND Save a Life!

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Willow is just over a year old and close to 90 pounds -- she's the kind of dog that will steal your heart the moment you meet... ADORES kids and other dogs .... Doesn't get any better than that ... She's a catahoula mix and as lovey as they come.... 


Mark your calendars for Top Dog's PAWFEST - Sunday April 29th 1-5pm at Top Dogs in Roswell...  Amazing raffles, contests and awesome vendors on hand and proceeds from the event will benefit some lucky rescues - its one of our fav things - so make sure you come and see us and bring your pooch for a fun day with our special friends at Top Dogs - they do so much great stuff for our rescue!  900 Mansell Road Roswell GA

RMG works hard to save the forgotten dogs of Jasper County, GA - and tell their stories from start to finish. We are so excited about STITCH this week - he's one of our alum that's touching lives at a camp in Maine for kids who have lost a limbs. Stitch lost a back leg but it hasn't stopped him from doing what he does BEST -- check out the entire story at facebook.com/rescuemega.

Oh sweet NELLIE has been waiting SO LONG for her forever family. She had to spent the first 5 months of her life at animal control as part of a court case. Her mom didn't make it out alive and one sibling was adopted there one was put to sleep. She had a spirit and will to live and we finally got her to safety when we were able at around 7months old. She had her first toys and chewies and friends to play with. She's a survivor and oh so smart. ALLL she wants to do is lay close and please someone. Want some more info? Contact adrienne@rescuemega.org

We are always looking for new members of our RMG foster team. A wonderful way to save a life and make some great new friends. We will be spotlighting our fosters in the coming weeks - why they do what they do and what fostering means to them. We can only rescue when we have a place for those in need to go - its truly a matter of life and death - and you find that saving a life - changes yours forever... adrienne@rescuemega.org 

We would like to remember Carl Pennauchi, a special member of the RMG foster team and all of the dogs whose world he touched. 

He was a gift to us all. 

If you would like to donate in his memory, please click below.


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