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Remembering Loved Ones

 In the world of rescue, some dogs only know love for a few days. Some dogs are lucky to be loved their entire lives. A wise man once said, "The only thing dogs don't do right is live long enough." We know that every dog we love and lose leaves a special paw print on our hearts.


Remembering Bonnie -- this sweet girl had only one month with her forever family but the last month was the one she deserved. Her mama Elaine and family made sure that Bonnie enjoyed her last weeks with all the comforts of home and so much love. She had all the things she had missed - soft beds, soft hands rubbing her - Mama's crocheted jackets - being fed by hand - walks in the sunshine and all the vet care she needed. She was never left alone and even took her last breaths in her favorite place, her Mama's lap. Many tears were shed, but this sweet girl was 

truly loved.


Remembering a very special soul named King Cole -- Cole was loved and cherished by his family and the other dogs that shared his home. He lost his battle with cancer but he continued to touch lives. Cole's family donated in his memory to help the family of another RMG dog and friend with medical care needed for their pup who also had to lose an eye. Cole will never be forgotten and will always live in the hearts of everyone who met him.


Rye loved life ! That's the best way to describe this dear RMG girl. She was saved as a pup after her mom was cruelly shot  - but Rye and her siblings were survivors. Rye lived in Mississippi and Massachusetts during her short life time but was a cherished member of her family and her mom and dad's firstborn. She left us suddenly but she touched all of our lives. Rye's spirit will never be forgotten.


An incredibly dear and wonderful border collie who would have turned 16 years old on 12/3/12.. BC got his name many years ago when his family took him to the vet as a puppy. The vet put down BC for border collie and it stuck! BC was born in South Dakota and adopted in Vermont and lived an incredibly loved life in Maine. BC was always by his brother Tanner’s side and always up fro a little frisbee even at the end. BC paved the way for Tanner to land in this family and most recently Sophie, a RMG dog that has helped ease the sadness and pain for Joyce, Doug, and the boys. It is always amazing to see what bringing a dog into your life can do. All the dogs to come in it will have played a part in saving. BC will be remembered just like this picture, standing by his best friend’s side!


LULU left her wonderful mom on 10/5/12, after spending four wonderful years being loved. Lulu was a rescue dog that found her forever home with her mom Adriana late in her life – Adriana opened her heart to this older girl knowing she had been treated for skin cancer and had just undergone surgery for a mammary tumor. LULU had not had an easy life before finding her mom – but she quickly let go of the past and enjoyed every second of her second chance.  LULU found the most amazing home with her mom and loved her life and was so loved by everyone that met her. LULU was funny and sweet and stubborn at times – but always brought her mom joy! She never got to meet her cousin dog Keira – but her aunt and mom started a business named after both girls – and LULU will live on !


Remembering “Victor”  Scott and Glenn’s  sweet boy that is so missed by his family.  He brought so much love into the home he shared with his two sisters and brother… We are all so glad we had the opportunity to know such a gentle soul who taught his family a special love.


Always remembering Sweet Holly – who was with her family for almost 14 years..  Holly left the ones that loved her the most on 8-11-12 .. Holly loved her family so much – sitting in her mom’s lap every night – and taking walks with her dad during the day. The boys grew up with her – and she taught them compassion and love of dogs – Now they are adults and great men who have a special place in their hearts thanks to Holly. Holly loved going to the lake and sitting outside on the porch by her mom’s side. Holly was a little dog with a huge heart and will always be loved..


Dear Kellie touched so many lives in her 13 years — she was rescued from the streets of North Carolina as a young dog but had lived on her own for almost two years as a stray. A border collie rescue saved her and she found her forever home in Virginia. She was so loved by her family and got to travel doing flyball and being pampered everyday. She was her daddy’s big girl – so graceful and beautiful and just an observer of life. Kellie was also a PAWS for reading pet therapy dog – she went into elementary schools to sit with children as they worked on reading and communication skills. She is so missed by her dog sister Poppy and brother Dooney and most of all her mom and dad. She touched so many lives and will never be forgotten.


We will always remember Pup-Pup, a senior girl – at least 13 years old dropped off at animal control by the only family she’d ever had. Our wonderful rescue friends in NJ stepped in to help us save her and she headed to New Jersey. We got to see the most amazing videos of this sweet girl coming back to life – and being loved nonstop. She went into a foster home and the family was thrilled. They stopped by to show the rescue her new jacked and how proud she was — but just a couple of days later she passed and everyone shared in the loss. We found out that the foster family went to the rescue after her death to officially sign her adoption papers. They wanted everyone to know she was their girl. We celebrate the chance of a lifetime that this girl had with a family to love her unconditionally and we all hold a piece of Pup-Pup in our hearts.


Precious Levi had 11 years with his family – and totally loved every single second. His family said he was a dog like no other – just an amazing spirit.  He was even a part of a wedding last year and was included in everything the family did – What a true gift for those left behind – but most of all for LEVI – its what we dream and hope that every dog would get to experience. Our thoughts go out to Kat, Tyler, Ben, Ellie, and Kip as they remember all the wonderful times and memories that Levi brought into their lives


Lucy was a Jack Russell Terrier who gave her family, Keith, Rick, and their Doxie Ellie, 15 and a half years of unforgettable love and friendship. She loved playing with her baby sister Ellie and patiently waited at the door every day for her daddy to return home from work so she could give him sweet kisses. Lucy is missed dearly by her family, but is smiling down from doggie heaven!

To remember the one you love

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