Rescue Me Georgia (RMG) began in 2012 when fate brought two dedicated animal lovers together. Frustrated by the number of highly-adoptable dogs that were being euthanized in Georgia each and every year, the women decided to join forces, and RMG was born!

Initially, RMG’s efforts focused on saving as many forgotten dogs as possible from Jasper County, GA. Since that time, our group, which is managed entirely by volunteers, has saved the lives of THOUSANDS of innocent animals! Our ability to do so is a direct reflection of our amazing fosters, adopters, and donors, all of whom support our mission with their time, talent, and treasure.

As our organization grew, so too did our network of volunteers, including one very special supporter named Esther. Born in South Korea, Esther grew up in New Zealand, but calls Atlanta her home. Over the past two years, Esther has made it her personal mission to join the RMG team and rescue as many dogs as possible from South Korean meat markets and puppy mills.

Partnering with several rescue organizations overseas, Esther works tirelessly to get as many dogs as possible safely into America and eventually into loving homes. All dogs rescued from South Korea fly directly into Atlanta with a rescue chaperone. They arrive fully vetted, have health travel documents with them, and then are transitioned into foster and forever homes. Any adoption fees collected for dogs who are saved from South Korea are then transferred back to our sister rescues there to help save more innocent animals!

It goes without saying that the conditions dogs endure in the South Korean meat market are devastating. Crammed into tiny cages for months or years, and then tossed onto overcrowded trucks to be killed, this industry continues to be heavily opposed by animal rights advocates.

Thousands of helpless dogs ranging from tiny purebreds (which are used for broth) to larger purebreds (which are used for meat) take their final, gasping breath while being beaten or burned to death. Workers in the dog meat industry believe that the longer a dog is beaten, the more tender their meat becomes. (Yes, you read that right!) Sadly, summertime is when most dogs suffer (this is in conjunction with the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, where it is estimated that 10,000 - 15,000 dogs are consumed each year.)

While we recognize that thousands of homeless dogs are also suffering right here in Georgia, we simply can’t turn a blind eye to those who need us overseas. As such, we do our very best to help in both areas, but donations and additional volunteers are needed.

This is the unfortunate reality for thousands of dogs who go on to be slaughtered in South Korean meat markets.

This is the unfortunate reality for thousands of dogs who go on to be slaughtered in South Korean meat markets.