rmg miracles

Here are a few before and afters of some of our very special RMG dogs. We learn so much from the ones that have been through the most. All of us at RMG agree that we should live more like the ones we save. The most abused and neglected animals often teach us to move past the hurt and live in the moment. 


Daisy Dot

Daisy’s story started on June 4, 2012 when we pulled her from animal control in rural, South Georgia. She was found on the side of the road and stayed at animal control for an entire weekend before we were able to get her out. We believed she had both sarcoptic and demodex mange. She suffered from horribly infected skin, had sores all over her body, and terribly infected eyes. She was so weak and tiny and was only 11 weeks old. We weren’t even sure she would make it! We sent out a plea on Facebook and some INCREDIBLE new friends stepped forward with donations to help save her life. We were shocked to learn that she was actually more than six months old, she just looked much younger becuase she was terribly neglected and sick. 

With love and lots of medical care, Daisy grew into her healthy, beautiful body and found her forever home with a dad in Maine, and a special aunt in Massachusetts. She is loved so very much.


Precious Annie

Animal control found out about Annie when they went out to inspect a neglect case. Annie wasn't the one they went to see, but when the owner came out with her, they were shocked at this horribly emaciated girl. We were contacted to help and we quickly got her to the vet. She was dying from hooks and whips and almost didn't make it.

She found a great foster mom who eventually became her forever mom. Now Annie romps with two other RMG dogs and a beautiful black dachshund who watches over them all. 



Milo was found chained to a stake in the ground out in the country. He had no food and the only water he was able to get came from a dumped sink on the ground. Whoever owned him had moved and just left him behind - We are so grateful that animal control found him and got him to safety. He was another dog we weren't sure would survive. But this miracle boy quickly got the love and care he needed and a set of twin foster moms that fell in love with this spunky dog. He beat the odds and found a happily ever after where he will never worry again about anything ! Milo is truly a survivor with a heart of gold!