Korean Dogs

It all started when …

RMG found out about a Korean woman in Atlanta who was facilitating the rescue of dogs in Korea. She developed a relationship with several rescue groups there and was working to find them homes in Georgia. When we said we would do our best to help in some way, the first thing we heard was…. “Aren’t there enough dogs here that need help?” and “Why help dogs there?”

For us it was a no-brainer. We could help find homes for these dogs saved from meat farms and meat markets and the thousands of illegal puppy mills. We could share the story - post their beautiful pictures and then find them great homes WHILE sending the entire adoption fee to Korea. But just recently Customs Officials in Atlanta have thrown a real wrench in how this has been happening. For many years there have been transport volunteers across the country helping rescues get dogs into the country by putting them under their name when traveling. We did our research and its very real - but those at our airport in Atlanta are NO LONGER allowing this -so a $200 fee paid by the rescues to get them here will now cost them between $400-800 plus a broker fee. The groups are so desperate to get them out they are desperately trying to raise money. Chances though, are slim this can continue without spreading the word and trying to raise money specifically to get these dogs here. In less than 2 months RMG brought 21 dogs over, and the happily ever after for these dogs has been incredible. BUT new rules on 7/18/19 has changed everything. SO what can we do? We can collect money to go directly towards transportation - we can do this TOGETHER !

As we battle abuse and neglect and dogs cast aside, Korean rescues deal with dogs being sold to meat markets and being raised at meat farms and illegal puppy mills. South Korea is less than half the size of Georgia with 55 million residents - there are 16 million people in our state. There are more than 30,000 LEGAL dog meat farms and thousands not registered. It’s really hard to comprehend. We’ve learned of the tireless dedication of rescuers there. There are hundreds of thousands of dogs waiting with about a 1% adoption rate in Korea when the dogs are saved. EVERY breed is available - and many of the breeding dogs in puppy mills have had their chords cut to silence barking… Most people think only the large dogs are eaten in Asia - nope, the small ones are also used as broth.

The dogs arriving from Korea come FULLY vetted- spays- neuters - all vaccines and heartworm free - their health and travel certificates are in perfect order.

How could we not help? It’s been a mission of love knowing there are rescues like ours helping the ones no one wanted - The Korean groups are funding travel and vet care which far exceeds the adoption fee of $350-$500 Their vetting fee is about $900 per dog there and add in the transportation - they have their hands tied.

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Korean Dog Travel Fund


RMG will soon be posting a wish list for some of the rescues in KOREA - they don’t have amazon but they do have the G STORE.

You can order online and have it sent to one of the rescues we are helping. You’ll probably notice in pictures or videos there are no toys - that’s a luxury they can’t afford - they need good dog food and treats - stay tuned on how you can help directly with supplies!