Rescue Me Georgia

Saving the forgotten dogs of Jasper County, Georgia

Rescue Yourself AND Save a Life!


RMG was started after two women came together in November of 2012 with the same passion and dedication; to help the forgotten dogs of Jasper County that up to that point were without voices. Shelia and Marybeth joined forces and decided to concentrate their efforts on a small rural animal control in Jasper County specifically located in Monticello, Georgia.. Jasper County is about 90 miles southeast of Atlanta and although most of our foster homes are in the Atlanta area - we go back and forth getting them to safety, a task that often time consumes us 24/7. In the past 5 years, RMG has grown and saved the lives of more than 5000 animals. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER 501c3 non profit rescue group licensed in the state of Georgia.

RMG depends solely on donations and adoption fees to cover our vetting expenses. Donations and NEW FOSTER HOMES enable us to do what we do - and every dog we adopt OUT - allows us to save another. Over the years we have collaborated with various rescues in the Northeast and we continue on a case by case basis to adopt some dogs north - and in other areas of the United States. We are grateful you have found us and appreciate you spreading the word about what we do.  Many employers do match donations made to non profits -- please keep us in mind during any time of the year that you might be able to donate towards our mission. 

Thank you!


Co-Founder Shelia, is a Jasper County resident who has spent more than the last 30 years working to help animals in her area. Shelia now retired has such a heart for these animals in her hometown and it isn't unusual for her to pick up a dog all hours of the day. She's the first person in Monticello that people call when there is an animal related emergency. Shelia is married and the proud mom of a grown daughter. Shelia's husband Larry is always on standby to help, typically assisting in transportation. Because of her experience in animal rescue, she's formed several relationships that have allowed for us to collaborate with other organizations to assist these dogs. Shelia serves as a liason for JCAC officials, coordinates vetting with Southside Animal Hospital, fosters, writes grants, manages the database, and reports to the Dept of Agriculture. Her wisdom and experience are of huge benefit of RMG as we consider what it is we aspire to be.

Co-Founder Marybeth, moved to Georgia 22 years ago when her husband took a job in Atlanta. She worked as a radio broadcaster for many years before becoming a full time mom. Marybeth has a recent college grad and one about to go off to college.high school - and both  have all grown up in the world of rescue. She's also has a very patient husband who is her number one fan. RMG is family affair as they are all truly invested. Marybeth works on intake, behavior assessment, compatibility, fostering, rehabilitating, coordinating vetting with Alpharetta Animal Hospital, and supporting other volunteer's efforts. Marybeth is famously quoted as coining the phrase "we'll figure it out" and if anyone can "figure it out" its Marybeth. She is tireless and so passionate about serving RMG!

Adrienne jumped right in as a foster but little did she know she was about to help take care of so much more., As a single mom of two amazing daughters, Adrienne has taken on the task of handling just about every adoption application that comes into our rescue. She's the go to for quick responses and handling of everything from fosters to pickups. Adrienne's two girls are also super involved and have learned all about giving back from their mom. One is a junior at KSU majoring in non-profits. Pretty amazing!  We are so lucky to have this do-er on the team and we couldn't do what we do without her. Adrienne also assesses and helps train many of our dogs that need extra help.

Sonda is our Petfinder specialist. If we can brag just a little about Sonda, our Petfinder listings have never gotten so much attention, she's blowing away our past visitation stats because she is adding more content to our posts, requesting updated pictures on foster dogs, and maintaining the site more vigilantly than we've ever previously been able to do. The moment Sonda took over that area we had more inquiries on our dogs. When Sonda isn't helping us with posting on Petfinder, she is the mom of 2 children ages 7 and 9, an active member of her church community, and involved in PTA and Girl Scouts as well as being a dance and soccer mom. Did I mention Sonda also fosters for us? She is among the most low key of fosters, nothing phases Sonda and shes quick to offer a whitty comment when one is desperately needed. We are so thankful for her help!

Karen is a long time volunteer of RMG having fostered for us since conception of the organization. She is never without less than 5 plus fosters and has a background in chiropractic care so our dogs get a very holistic approach to their health and well being. At the moment she has a special needs dog that needs to be fed upright. He has a specified chair for this and requires his dog food to be a certain consistency so that he can safely digest it. Karen not only attends to his special condition, but is also a bottle feeding pro having constructed a mechanism to simulate a mother's nipple to feed multiple pups at once! Karen balances all of this in addition to her embroidery business. For those of you with RMG apparel Karen has been a part of that for us. We are charging her with developing a prototype RMG hat and visor so we can keep getting the word out. If you need help with a dog or embroidery Karen would be your go to person! 

Julie is one of our liasons between Jasper County Animal Control and RMG. She volunteers directly at AC weekly and is able to help communicate the needs of the dogs there. She spends her time assessing, interacting, transporting, taking pictures, and coordinating meet and greets with the dogs at Animal Control that have yet to be placed in foster homes. Julie also fosters for the group and has adopted one of our very own RMG dogs (Do you see a trend? Adopt from RMG and be recruited to help!) Julie is a huge animal lover having previously volunteered in the areas of wildlife rehabilitation. She and her husband are among the most patient of fosters and dog parents as they have had to kindly work with both their adopted dog as well as fosters so they can assimilate into the life of an indoor dog.. Julie has provided a lot of momentum in terms of placing AC dogs and we are so lucky she has the heart for this type of service.

Stay tuned for more volunteer information. We are so exited to introduce everyone who is part of the team that make RMG so special.