Rescue Me Georgia is a 501c3 non profit rescue group dedicated to saving the forgotten dogs
of Jasper County, Georgia. Since our start in November 2011, we have saved more than 5,000
animals in need and have been able to be a part of so many lives changed. We are all 
volunteers and we depend on donations and adoptions to make these miracles happen. 

Rescue Me Georgia

Saving the forgotten dogs of Jasper County, Georgia

Rescue Yourself AND Save a Life!

Our Available Dogs

Make sure you use the scroll bar on the right to scroll all the way down! These dogs are all available. Your adoption saves three dogs; the one you adopt, the one that gets to go to a foster home because you adopted, and the one that you have made room for in the shelter! That's maximizing your effort, don't you agree?

If you see someone you would like to adopt or just get some more information about, please send us a message via our contact tab or the email address included in the dog's description!  FYI - We take the adoption of our dogs seriously - So many of our rescues have had lives on chains or living in outdoor pens and that's not allowed here. So if you are planning on your new family member living outside - we are NOT the rescue for you !